Sponsor Info

Activity Sponsorship

Sponsoring an activity is a great way to connect with guests personally and associate your company name and logo with our high quality and well planned activities. Most activities involve plenty of social media exposure before, during, and after the event, as well as booth signage and a blog style web page about your company on the Cupcake Fest MKE website. The target audience for your message is several thousand families with school age children. Please contact us to inquire about availability and sponsorship levels for these activities.

Community Cake Decorating

Our expert cake artist Samantha Wright will construct a huge 5’x5’x6′ tall styrofoam “dummy” cake frosted as a blank canvas for guests to help decorate. Guests ages 5 and up can learn how to hold a piping bag and decorate a small area of the cake with help from Samantha and her assistants. Everyone will be encouraged to pose for photos next to their work and share them on social media. Samantha will pipe the sponsor’s logo in buttercream onto the top tier of the cake, along with Classy Girl Cupcakes, Domes, and Parks logos. The Community Cake will likely garner traditional media attention as well.

Cupcake Scavenger Hunt

Our graphic designer has created 15 adorable “Cupcake Crew” cartoon characters, such as Cupcake Princess, Cupcake Ninja, Cupcake Superhero, etc. The characters will be hidden throughout the 3 Domes. Each child will receive a printed scavenger hunt map upon admission, which will contain the sponsor’s logo in addition to Classy Girl Cupcakes and the Domes. Guests who find all 15 characters can show their completed map at the prize table in the Coloring Station and choose a Cupcake Crew temporary tattoo or sticker. The sponsor of this activity may also hand out their own flyer or coupon with the scavenger hunt map, or it can be printed on the back of the map.

Coloring Station

The coloring station is a large area of tables and chairs where kids can choose a Cupcake Crew coloring sheet printed with the sponsor’s logo. This area is also used for dining, and parents can sit while their kids color or dance at the neighboring DJ Dance Party area. This is a great opportunity for your logo to appear on little works of art posted to the refrigerators in thousands of homes. The sponsor of this activity will have an 8′ table to display and hand out marketing materials as well.

Cupcake Creation Contest

Classy Girl Cupcakes will have a booth in the main lobby where guests can submit new cupcake flavor ideas on printed entry forms, which will contain the sponsor’s logo. After the festival, CGC will choose several finalists, who will develop their recipe with our head baker and decorator. Finalists will be invited to represent their flavors at a subsequent event at CGC hosted by the sponsor, where guests will receive free samples of the entries and vote on the winning flavor.

Red Carpet Photos

A red carpet leads guests from the front entrance to a booth in the lobby with cupcake costumes and props, and a large graphic backdrop with sponsor logos printed on it. A photographer sponsor will donate their time and photo editing in exchange for promotion. Photos will be hosted on Cupcake Fest MKE with links to the photographers’ websites.

A non-photographer sponsor’s logo will be printed on the backdrop. They can assist guests in choosing costumes and props while interacting with them, handing out marketing materials, and promoting their business.

T-Shirt Sponsorship

Our graphic designer is creating an official Cupcake Fest MKE t-shirt with the Cupcake Fest logo on the front, CGC logo and the Domes and Parks logos on the back, along with one or more sponsor logos. All CGC staff members and volunteers will wear these t-shirts. The official Cupcake Fest MKE t-shirt will also be available to purchase by guests, so your marketing efforts will endure beyond the festival dates.

Media Sponsorship

Cupcake Fest MKE is looking for one or more media sponsors for 2016. Media sponsors receive an exhibitor booth to promote their organization, or can choose participate in an activity. Some activities in conjunction with media sponsorship have associated fees. Sponsor logos will be highlighted on the home page of Cupcake Fest MKE, and sponsors will receive a blog style web page for their booth. Logos may also be included on marketing materials and social media.

Event Sponsorship

Classy Girl Cupcakes will consider one or more Event Sponsors for Cupcake Fest MKE 2016, which will be held October 15, 2016. Depending on the level of sponsorship, the Event Sponsor may receive top logo placement on web, social media, and marketing materials. We prefer an Event Sponsor who wishes to be involved in the planning stages of Cupcake Fest MKE 2016.

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