Handcrafted inspirations, lasercut jewelry & wall decor

SimplistiCreations specializes in handcrafted wall inspiration and delicate laser cut jewelry to give inspiration from the big to small things in life.

There’s beauty in simplicity. I hope my creations give you inspiration, whether it’s through big things like intricately cut wall art or the small things, like laser cut jewelry. I make what I love and it’s extremely rewarding to know my items are adding flair and creativity somewhere!

I’ve always been a crafter, even at a young age. I remember thinking through my crayola color choices meticulously, even for a color book. As I got older, I never lost that passion. Though I’m a web/ UX designer by day, I still want to keep that creativity alive after my 9-5 job, so I started creating paper cut wall art and laser cut wood jewelry. But I kept creating and eventually I ran out of space in my apartment to store them! Several friends and coworkers have asked if I could make some of my pieces for them and that got me thinking, maybe other people would want to see this as well. That’s when I made the decision to opened an Etsy shop in 2013 as a creative outlet and also so I don’t start hoarding art pieces at my apartment! I wanted to share what motivates me and hopefully, it’ll motivate others to find inspiration in the little things.

You can check out some of my items at my shop here:



SimplistiCreations Geometric Heart Wood NecklaceSimplistiCreations Laser Cut Scissors - Wood EarringsSimplistiCreations Swirl Dangle Earrings