good&honest Natural Soaps

All natural shea butter soaps handmade in Chicago - simple goodness

The story of good&honest Natural Soaps is rooted in a long standing desire of mine to create and to do so authentically. (I’m Josh, by the way… shop owner. So nice to have you!) I’ve always loved making things “from scratch”, the way my grandma – or yours – might’ve. There’s something so right to me about taking the time and heart to craft something real for someone else- and doing so without shortcuts. Using the ingredients you would use if you were making it for your favorite person in the whole wide world. Making each step count.

I began soap making when I realized it was the perfect way to not only create authentically, but to encourage others to treat themselves to something real, simple, and very special (kind of like cupcakes!). Because of this, all of our soaps, bath bombs and lip balms are handmade in small batches with quality, honest ingredients. You can learn about all of these online in our Etsy shop or in person at the Chicago-based studios and craft fairs where our products are sold.

Each item is completely unique…something to be shared. So thank you for letting us share them with you! 🙂

good&honest Soap Collage