NEW this year, kids and adults alike will delight in Cupcake Land, a life size board game inspired by the classic Candy Land game! As you move through the game, you’ll encounter 8 activity stations inspired by Classy Girl Cupcakes’ flavors and ingredients. Most stations have the opportunity to win prize tickets, which can be redeemed at the Prize Booth for quality prizes. Activity stations include:

  • Confetti Corner: Beyond the confetti curtains, you can play “Pin the Sprinkle on the Cupcake”. Get the sprinkle on the frosting to win a prize ticket.
  • Strawberry Street: Giant plush strawberries in fruit crates make for a fun and challenging ring toss game with hula hoops.
  • Carrot Cake Cove: Dig through a pirate ship inspired sandbox filled with playground-friendly rubber mulch, and find a carrot with a winning message inside.
  • Lemon Lagoon: A modern twist on the duck pond game, pick two lemons from a rotating pool and reveal the colored button underneath. Matching colors wins!
  • Red Velvet Ranch: Play a rustic horseshoes game, but watch out, the Cupcake Cowboy is wanted for cupcake vigilantism!
  • Fudge Forest: Wander through a forest of chocolate trees and play a mini golf game.
  • Marshmallow Marsh: Skillfully toss a ping pong ball and get it to land on the island in a marshmallow filled marsh.
  • Cupcake Castle: Cross the Rainbow Bridge to Cupcake Castle, where you can get your photo taken with our very own Cupcake Princess!


$5 per person (parents of small children may accompany them free of charge).


9:00 am – 6:00 pm
*This activity will open at 8am for VIP ticketholders


Tent on the Domes Plaza north of main entrance.

Age & Skill Level

Most activities are appropriate for all ages or are modified for young children. A few activities may require parental assistance.

Kids enjoying Cupcake Land.